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Course Objective

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to understand:

  • The concepts telecommunication 

  • All types of wireless and wired network

  • All technology in telecommunication industry

  • Understand on how telecommunication system works 




1. Telecommunication Introduction

  • Telecommunication Principle & Application
  • The Process of Telecommunication
  • Type of Telecommunication Medium
  • Wired vs Wireless Network
  • Introduction of Wired & Wireless Network
  • Advantage and Disadvantage of Wired Network
  • Advantage and Disadvantage of Wireless Network
  • Wired Telecom Technologies & Standard
  • Circuit Switch and Packet Switch Network
  • The Principle of OSI 7 Layer Model
  • CS Network & Technologies
  • PS Network & Technologies
  • Introduction to TCP/IP Protocol
  • Evolution of Internet
  • Introduction to Ethernet Standard
  • Fast Ethernet vs Gigabit Ethernet
  • Evolution of CS Voice Services
  • VOIP vs VoLTE vs VoWIFI


2. Access Service Based Service

  • Fixed Broadband Access
  • Wireless Broadband Access
  • Evolution of Cellular Network (1G-2G- 3G-4G- 5G)
  • Convergence of Telecoms
  • Introduction of IMS in LTE
  • Evolution of WIFI


3. 3G Mobile Principle Overview

  • Spread Spectrum Principle
  • Codes Orthogonality
  • Procedure of WCDMA Data transmission 1


4. LTE Mobile Principle Overview

  • Main LTE Requirements
  • LTE Release of 3GPP
  • Introduction of System Architecture Evolution (SAE)
  • Network Element of LTE
  • Introduction of OFDMA & Inter-Symbol Interference
  • Introduction of LTE Cyclic Prefix & Modulation
  • Introduction of Multiple Input & Multiple Output Technologies (MIMO)

Introduction to Telecommunication

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