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Course Objective

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to understand:

  • The concepts about Big data and business value of big data in telecom

  • what are the different types of data and its data availability?

  • The importance of Network analytics, insights and actions

  • How to implement analytics into day to day operations? aka Application of network


  • Data maturity model for network operator

  • How to monetize the network data?

  • Network data Modeling

  • Network analytics architecture and integration with OSS/BSS suite

  • Analytics use cases using network data.




1. Introduction

Icebreaker: What happens around us every day in this internet world


2. Introduction to Big data in Telco

  • Knowing about Big Data in Telco
  • Trends driving fundamental shifts in network operations
  • Big data landscape
  • Big data technologies
  • The business value of Big Data in Telco
  • Conclusion of this topic


3. Overview of Network Analytics

  • Overview of Network Analytics, Insights and Actions

  • Network data modelling

  • Network problem correlation with Service KPI

  • Network Analytic Architecture and integration with OSS/BSS

    business suites

  • Conclusion of this topic


4. Application of Network Analytics

The second session starts with a high-level brief presentation of data analytics use cases for the mobile telecom sector. This includes examples such as customer experience (Targeted Marketing; Predictive Churn Analysis, Customer Life Cycle Analysis, Proactive customer care); Network Optimization and Operation Analysis.


5. Understanding data maturity model

• How to be an info smart enterprise


6. Understanding more about network analytics use cases

  • Network Analytic Platform and Insights

  • Proactive service operations

  • Empowered customer care

  • Experience based Marketing

  • Network data Monetization

  • Conclusion of this topic


7. Data Monetization

  • Real use case (story telling) about X operator implementation of network analytics towards their data monetization journey

  • Real challenges and learnings in this process

  • Conclusion of this topic


8. Conclusion

  • References and Inspirations


*Training wrap-up and follow up for further training and advisory






Introduction to Network Analytics

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