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Duration: 7 Days



Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following;

  • Use PivotTables and Functions effectively to summarise and augment Data in Microsoft Excel
  • Visualize Data & create dashboards for reporting with Microsoft Excel
  • Assess Data distributions and statistical relationships with Microsoft Excel




Executive level, from any education background. 




From data to insight – 14 hours

An introductory course for business users to conduct basic data analysis using descriptive methods, and visualization using charts, sparklines, & conditional formatting. Concepts of data normalization, Pivot Tables and Dashboards are introduced.


Data visualization made simple – 7 hours

Data Visualization will teach participants the foundations of data visualization through the use of a popular BI tool. Participants will learn how to create basic visualizations and even perform simple dataanalytics through  the Interface. 


Effectively communicate insights from data  - 14 hours

Data Storytelling is suited towards any professional who works with data and charts. If you need to tell better stories with your data, then this course is for you. The curriculum challenges participants to communicate effective and impactful data-driven narratives, focusing on principles of effective data storytelling.


Capstone – 14 hours

The Capstone module allows participants to apply their knowledge of statistical tools, data visualisation and storytelling techniques to communicate data-driven insights based on their own data and use cases. It is a critical step for participants to build their confidence in using their newly acquired data analysis skills in an insightful and impactful way to drive change in organisations.

Enterprise Data Practitioner

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