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Associate Enterprise Data Analyst (AEDA) track is a seventeen-day training program that provides analysts with the tools required for efficient data analysis on data retrieved from a variety of file types and/or relational databases.


Associate Enterprise Data Analyst

  • Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate each of the following;

    • Collect, summarize, visualize and explore raw data to transform it into actionable business insights. 
    • Write a workable program to solve data related business problem using Python’s powerful data processing libraries. 
    • Learn how to think like a programmer by breaking complicated business problems into smaller ones and then solving these byte-sized problems using coding and automation.
    • Uncover interconnected relations between data sets and generated comprehensive reports for business insights through drill-down analysis. 
  • Introduction to Programming 
    Module that lays the foundation for beginners to learn how to convert simple concepts to workable code. Participants are introduced to the inner workings of a computer and how algorithms work. 


    Data Storytelling
    Business leaders at the age of AI need to persuade and influence strong insights using big data analytics. Improve your data presentation with data storytelling by creating stories that highlight value from data-driven insights.


    Python for Analytics Basic
    Module will enable students to get started with Python programming by learning and getting hands on with the basic concepts. This is essential for becoming a productive data professional.  


    Python for Analytics Advanced
    This module will enable students to write a workable program to solve data related problem using Python’s powerful data processing libraries. This is hallmark of advanced ability for professionals.  


    Descriptive Statistic
    This module will enable students to use data for effective decision and business impact. With the overwhelming volume of data available to organizations and businesses, it isimportant to correctlytransformdatato information thenknowledgeand finally wisdom.  


    SQL Essentials
    SQL Essentials helps you speak in Structured Query Language (SQL) fluently and gives them the capability to participate in database application development teams. The database job market is promising for prospective experts. 


    The Capstone module allows participants to apply their knowledge of databases management, statistical tools, and data visualisation techniques to communicate data-driven insights. It is a critical step for participants to build their confidence in using their newly acquired data analysis skills in an insightful and impactful way to drive change in organisational. 

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