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EDA is a 10-day, fast-paced, and intensive introduction to the interdisciplinary field of data analytics, which includes database management, a statistical methodology for multiple dataset manipulation, hypothesis testing, forecasting, modeling and more.

Enterprise Data Analyst

  • 10 Days

  • AB Testing 
    This introductory course will teach you how to set up successful A/B tests, analyze their results and build an effective experimentation roadmap, in order to deliver long-term digital success.Best suited for business and analytics professionals who want to be equipped with skills and knowledge to engage in advanced data analysis involving multiple variables.


    Inferential Statistics 
    Adds confidence and precision to decision-making with inferential statistics.


    Regression Modelling & Model Evaluation
    Enhance your knowledge of the quantitative and computational realms of data science through the lens of regression analysis.


    Time Series Forecasting
    Master how to create accurate future time series forecasts using different model predictors with machine learning algorithms. Equip yourself with various forecasting techniques and basic statistical tests for various applications.


    Apply to learn with real-world use cases to complete this track.



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